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About Us

Evolve Institute of Design (EID) was founded by like-minded Architects, working in the field for over 15 years, Being actively involved in the field of education for over a decade, they realised the need for a curriculum specially developed keeping in mind the professional world today. Thus developed the idea of an institute that would provide goal oriented profession-ready individuals.

At EID, we look towards a wholesome development of the students, both in terms of knowledge as well as life skills. With the best of faculty and professionals and a comprehensive internship programme, EIDites will grow into competitive, confident individuals ready to create their mark in the world of interior design.

Advisory Board

“An Advisor is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way!”

Evolve Institute of Design is fortunate to have with us a strong Advisory Board who form the backbone of EID

Ar. Rajiv Mishra
Ar. Rajiv MishraPrincipal, Sir J.J .College of Architecture, University of Mumbai
Ar. Rajiv Mishra is also the Chairman of All India Board for Architecture Education by AICTE, Chairperson – NBA for Architecture Education, Elected Executive Committee Member At Council of Architecture. With his exceptional experience in the field of education, he continues to mentor students of all disciplines.
Ar. Ninad Tipnis
Ar. Ninad TipnisPrincipal Architect, JTCPL Designs
Ar. Ninad’s enthusiasm for always delivering the best pervades through his team. In addition to being a creative leader, he is a great motivator & a mentor to many in the field. His ideas and insights have impacted the entire industry and he has been recognized with distinguished awards by renowned design bodies.
Ar. Ajay Nahar
Ar. Ajay NaharChairman and Managing Director, Nahar Projects
The group has scaled to great heights under his able leadership. Nahar Projects as an organisation has been instrumental in creating landmarks in the city of Mumbai. His business acumen, vision and great insight in understanding the needs of the profession make him a true visionary.

We look forward to welcoming you on board Evolve Institute of Design. Let the journey begin!